' Provide unique F&B for the niche market '

 We own and operate F&B establishments throughout Asia. These establishments offer quality and value to customers. Over the years, we have expanded the number of retail stores across Asia and we continue to do so. We aim to bring new and interesting fusion food from around the world to the local sourced food and beverages. We aim to expand niche markets and provide end customers with a unique experience at our F&B chain outlets.


With over 20 retail stores and multiple retail points together with a take out delivery system. Original Taste Workshop (OTW) is a well established retail food chain in Hong Kong. With its own production facility based in Hong Kong. OTW produces, promotes and selling healthy soups. The company was established in Hong Kong in 2006 and set up its own food production plant, and in December of the same year, the first nourishing soup store was opened at the MTR station.

"Original Homemade" has now become a famous original nourishing soup brand in Hong Kong, and has opened 15 branches in MTR stations and many famous shopping malls, and the number is increasing every year. A variety of products have established sales points and sales counters in more than 1,500 convenience stores and supermarkets in Hong Kong. They also regularly supply soups and meals to large enterprises in Hong Kong and the Hospital Authority.


Candid Dessert Cafe is a boutique cafe located in a quiet neighborhood in Seoul, Korea. The cafe specializes in desserts and coffee, with its specialty macarons being particularly well-known. Candid offers daily baked goods made with butter imported directly from France, emphasizing quality and freshness. Its cozy and inviting atmosphere, combined with its reputation as a must-visit destination for dessert lovers, has made Candid a beloved spot among locals and tourists alike. 

Candid Dessert Cafe's cakes are also quite popular among Instagrammers and tourists. The cafe's cakes may be visually appealing, with colorful and artistic designs that are perfect for sharing on social media. Additionally, the use of high-quality ingredients and fresh baking may contribute to the cakes' popularity, as customers can taste the difference in quality. The cafe's reputation as a must-visit destination for dessert lovers likely also contributes to the popularity of its cakes, as tourists and visitors may be eager to try the cafe's famous desserts and share their experiences on social media. Overall, the combination of quality ingredients, fresh baking, and visually appealing designs likely make Candid Dessert Cafe's cakes a hit among Instagrammers and tourists alike.